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Now everyone can take great pictures

Be the model or photographer you were meant to be.

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Hey can you take a
picture of me?

How many pictures do you take before you get a good one?


With Prevue the model controls the pictures. They can see what the photographer sees, so you always get the perfect shot. (5).webp

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Ask anyone to take a picture

The built-in map feature shows you users in your area who you can request to be your model or photographer.

With Prevue, everyone can take a great picture, so you can ask anyone.

How It Works (6).webp
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Group 8646.png
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Request for a user to take your picture or to take theirs.

Be the Model or the  Photographer (11).webp
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You don't have to ask for your pictures because Prevue transfers them to the model. 

Pictures disappear when you close the photo session and are not on the photographer's phone.

Get your pictures right away

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Ever thought about how great your pictures would look if you could see yourself as they were being taken?

Now you can, so everyone can be a great photographer or a super model.

See the picture before it's taken

Sneak peak of the prototype

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Prototype will be sent to your email

Meet the Founders

Arsen Tarkovskiy 

After earning his masters degree in teaching fine arts, Arsen worked in graphic design and manufacturing before finding coding and moving into tech. In addition to his work in helping to roll out large software products, he also enjoys PC gaming, hiking and reading.

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Courtney Louisy

Courtney is driven by a love of blending creativity and pragmatism. As an executive assistant to the c-suite, project manager, and Youtuber, she's found a way to join her passions with her work. In her spare time she enjoys, board games, video editing and food photography.

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